Author: Anika Ghei

Loneliness: The Quintessential Wingman

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe turbulence and turmoil that rages within the forsaken and forlorn person, after a break-up, has been portrayed by Anika, exclusively for Different Truths. An honest reply to ‘how are things?’ post a much-awaited break-up.  Loneliness is the quintessential wingman. It’s who I bring to parties when the days are blue.  Speaking of days, these […]

The Pious Infidel

Reading Time: 3 minutesIntolerance and hatred have existed with its opposite in the public spheres. Here’s Anika’s historical short fiction, in the regular column, exclusively in Different Truths. He was Nizam to us. Not Sikander. Not Sultan; simply Nizam. The kind hearted, bubbly soul that gave my father’s trembling hands enough stability to feed his chronically ill wife and two emaciated […]

House Number 23.

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Here’s a mysterious story by Anika. From this Saturday, we are introducing a fortnightly column by the talented teenage fiction writer, exclusively in Different Truths. After hours of inspecting every nook and corner of Dharavi, I arrived at a long umbilical street with low rising houses – typical of the place and tested my […]

Fast Forward

Reading Time: 3 minutesA bold, sensuous, agonising, and brutally candid verse. In Yeats’ words, ‘the ceremony of innocence is dead.’ Here’s the intense prose-poem by Anika, in Different Truths. Play: It’s my 16th birthday. There’s something about turning 16 that feels mischievous. I sit with a drink in my hand… and four down my throat. There’s something about the […]