Author: Anca Mihaela Bruma

My Wings have not Widened for a Trivial Love…

A poignant poem from Anca that speaks of the agony of heart-wrenching love. My wings have not widened for a trivial Love, You just have filled your emptiness… My light reveals your soul’s wrinkles, Singing this song, I do not know anymore… You took my anthem! An hour of absolution I try to find, Your […]

Of So Much Yearning!…

A poignant love poem by Anca. Love!… of so much yearning I do not know how to count my steps anymore… of so much longing I grew a forest on the verge of the World… of so much craving even the soul has taken the color of Time!… Life!.. keeps biting me voluptuously, wakefulness has […]

Drink Deeply from my Soul

Here’s a reflective poem by Anca. She begins from the self and transcends to the other-worldly, cosmic world, the greater identity. Drink deeply from my soul, this imitation of Life you may forget just remember our dreams and desires… I have been known you as the One, the Unbounded, the Known and Unknown, the Infinite […]

In Verse Anca is a Gateway between Arts and Truths / The Geometry of Love

Anca talks of the geometry of love in the evocative verse following the discourse of her poems by James Cairns, the co-editor and translator of Anca Mihaela Bruma’s poems. Anca’s poems are universal and are a gateway between human arts and cosmological truths. Creating and creativity are born of creation itself – they are the […]

Gnostic Sagacity

In this poem, Anca transcends her smaller self to realise her larger self. She moves from the person she is to the truth she seeks. I am the seeker of the finding the gnosis of my Name!… Speak to You with the voice of many, while you voice my Name and name my Voice… I am […]