Author: Ampat Varghese Koshy

Exhuming the Self

An eminent poet, Ampat Koshy reviews Rochelle Potkar’s collection of poems, Four Degrees of Separation, for Different Truths. Rochelle needs to be read for her images, her vocabulary, her language, her depths and her thoughts. Book Details:                                           […]

Punch/ I Kissed a Girl, I Liked it!

On World Poetry Day, we present are two love poems of Ampat. The first is tongue-in-cheek, and the second, rich in symbolism. Punch Love is balding Growing a paunch Writes fewer poems They say Has gone into hiding But inside the impotent Softness of love Love is sexy Always green The rot can’t get in There, […]

You are my Country

Claims and counter-claims have muddled the distinction between patriots and anti-nationals. In the wake of the JNU controversy, allegations are flowing thick and fast. Here’s a poem by a citizen-poet, Dr Ampat. You are my country I love you because Even if I betray you When I do Every time               […]

Ecocriticism: The Possibility of Developing a Christian Eco-theology

Ampat’s discourse for ‘Green Cross’, an ecological interpretation of the Bible is revolutionary. He reasons that the Bible might be seen not only as a spiritual blueprint but also as an ecological one that will restore everything to its rightful place so that in a new earth ruled, metaphorically, by Jesus and his disciples who […]

Today, I Finally Found You

Ampat’s poem celebrates the immense power of love. His lyrical poem with epic sensibility, moves from the sensual to the social selves. Today I finally found you in between badly written poems and well-written ones I found you like never before my study in brown Today reading the sculpted images of cataclysm running my hands […]