Author: Amit Singh

Do the Muslims of Norway Pose Cultural Threat to Norwegian Identity?

Norway is a country which claims to protect and promote human rights at home and abroad. However, within the deeper layers of Norwegian society, to some extent, hidden racism seem to be ingrained. It’s targeted towards refugees and migrants, particularly against the Muslims creating hindrance in their cultural integration into the mainstream of the Norwegian […]

Universalism Vs Relativism: Honour Killings of Women in India

Cases of honour killings represent an old tussle between universality of human rights and particularity/relativism – in this case, particular. Against this background, this article critically examines the role of universal human rights norms to protect the victims of particularity (in this case murdered women). It also examines the concept of cultural relativism and universalism […]

Torture is Illegal and Inhuman

Torture is the worst ever human invention. The main focus of this article is on the preventative measures against torture and ill-treatment by state agents, particularly law enforcement officials. In addition, brief information on standards on torture is given along with rights of torture victims. Here’s an in-depth research article on torture, by Amit, our Norway-based Editor-at-large, […]

A Step into Serenity, Thanks to Chetan

Environmental peace is threatened by the urban and industrial noises. Also, noise pollution is the cause of many psycho and psychosomatic diseases, including depression and deafness. This situation is more alarming in India where due to lack of awareness among people and poor implementation of related laws, noise pollution is increasing leaps and bounds. In this context, a social […]

The Cultural Hegemony of Orientalism and India

India imagined as essentially irrational, others have described how darker aspects of Indian religious practice…reported cases of human sacrifices changed over time and came to be represented as primitive and barbaric, and their prevalence exaggerated for a variety of reasons. Against this background, this article critically analyses the Saidian concept of Orientalism- with particular emphasis on India. The article […]

The Right to Life, Liberty and Security: Has India Failed to keep its Human Rights Obligations?

The growing number of extra judicial killings, rampant discrimination against vulnerable groups, tribal and Adivasi, including minorities and legal immunity (of perpetrators) Custodial torture, inherent in daily police practice, still remains a serious concern. Police practices include assaults, physical abuses, custodial rape, psychological humiliations, as well as deprivation of food/water/sleep and medical attention. Study shows that every year in India, […]

A Multicultural Approach to Triple Talaq

The debate on triple talaq issue is directly related with the religious freedom the Constitution of India grants to everyone. However, in certain cases practicing absolute religious freedom could affect human rights of the some vulnerable community members – particularly the female. Principally, India being a secular state shall not intervene in religious affairs of a community; however, this […]

Gaging the Dissent: BJP Suppressing Free Expression, Misusing Sedition Law

Hindu fundamentalist have succeeded in threatening publishers to withdraw publication, exerting pressure to censor films deemed offensive to their political agenda, and silencing any critical voices contesting the Hindu religious myths and legends including criticising the government. The Hindutva forces are actively contesting and trying to limit the liberal space for those having different religion and alternate sexual orientations. […]

The Politics of Human Rights in India: Past, Present and Future

Human rights no longer dominate the intellectual and policy making in India as it was until 1970s. However, recent invocation of human right’s language by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech marked a new departure from its foreign policy on human rights. After highlighting the alleged human rights violations in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), India is […]

Rape: How to Prevent and Find Solution to this Menace?

Ninety three women are raped in India every day according to the National Crime Records Bureau data. Rape strips the woman and her family of dignity. It’s an unending torture. Amit suggests, based on hard facts, that two steps could largely mitigate the problem in India. Firstly, there is an urgent need of sex education in schools, […]

Atrocities against Dalits: Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis in India

A humanitarian crisis (read disaster) is defined as a singular event or a series of events that are threatening in terms of health, safety or well-being of a community or large group of people. Technically, humanitarian law is all about armed conflict, dealing with natural disaster, “seeking generally to inject a modicum of humanity into wartime by regulating […]

Is India Protecting Religious Sensitivity at the Cost of Freedom of Expression?

Tension between freedom of expression and religious intolerance is manifesting globally-particularly in multicultural Indian society, where censoring books and films by the state and further victimisation of writers, film director, painter by the radical Islamist and Hindu groups is well noted1 . Norway-based Amit takes a hard look at the Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists in this in-depth research […]

Is Violence Inherent in Religion?:Need for Open Discussion

Disconnecting roots of violence from religion would be disregarding the historical facts. Violence is deeply rooted in almost all religions. Some religion propagate violence openly, some are discreet. Following the recent suicide bomber attack in a Medina mosque, Dhaka carnage, the killings in Brussels and Turkey by terrorists show us violence which is red in tooth and claw. […]

Sovereignty of the State is the core of Refugee Problem: An Academic Debate

An essential characteristic of sovereignty is the State’s prerogative to put various kinds of limitations on non-citizens regarding their stay and entry in their territory. The authority of the State to control movement of aliens into its border has escalated problems of refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. Strict migration control has escalated problems of forced state confinement with possibility […]

India in need of National Policy on Refugees

India has not signed 1951 Refugee Convention. There is no specific domestic legal framework to protect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in India. This has led to legal insecurity of refugees’ status and difficulty to access in refugee rights. At international human rights forums, India asserts to have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, […]

Pakistani Ahmadiyya Muslim Refugees in Thailand: In the Middle of Nowhere

A minority sect in Pakistan, the limbs, and lives, of the Ahmadiyya Muslims are under threat. They have faced religious and political attacks to the extent they have been declared apostate and non-Muslim by Pakistani’s religious and political elite. According to UNHCR, Thailand, until December 2015, there are 11,500 asylum seekers from Pakistan that took shelter in Thailand. Most […]