Author: Amidha Porter

A Country Between Worlds

Reading Time: 9 minutesAmidha was amazed to think that Stephanie would, after this first book, Bread of Angels, return not to Syria – we know what tragedy is transforming that ancient culture beyond belief – but to Jerusalem, with her husband, and in the life story she tells, this reviewer was struck by the evolving story of the unfoldment of the […]

Decoding the Soul: The Tarot as Projective Method

Reading Time: 9 minutesWe wish to know the inner meanings of our lives. The power to facilitate both inner and outer understanding goes much farther back. A psychotherapist, Amidha, has seen that modern projective systems for psychological evaluation have their roots in the ancient systems of divination. Here’s an in-depth analysis on the Tarot. So many of us are looking for […]

Holding the World: Action and Contemplation

Reading Time: 7 minutesAmidha undertakes a spiritual voyage. She shares her personal ‘journey without’ (action) that finds resonance in her ‘journey within’ (contemplation). In contemplative silence she holds the world. What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.—Meister Eckhart  The story is told, in our family, of when I was a very […]