Author: Alisha Fathima

Home, Safe Home

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s a gender sensitive poem, by Alisha, about how a little girl should behave, in Different Truths.   Little girl, don’t go outside Or the big bad wolf will get you at night Little girl, stay frozen in time Don’t grow big enough to twist the door knob   Play with your broken dolls and […]

Lost Identity

Reading Time: 2 minutesHere’s a poignant poem about identity, by Alisha, in Different Truths. Consciously lost, I’m lost because I wanna be, I’m lost on purpose. There’s no identity thief. Don’t wanna reach the destination, Don’t wanna walk the crossroads.   I’m driving through the city with raindrops falling on my windshield, The air is cold and the […]