Author: Aishwarya Damodar

Lost Realm

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s a poem by Aishwarya that depicts the trial and tribulations of life’s journey and the final destination, for Different Truths. I feel at times I am not me Who can it be, If I am not me?    I feel at times my realm, I seek If it isn’t with me; Where else can […]

From Silence to Resilience!

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s an inward-looking, women-centric poem where Aishwarya talks of her voyage, her insecurities and strengths, for Different Truths. as I pondered in silence… my life reeled before me from when I’d my sensibilities a myriad of collages replayed some clear, some cluttered, yet, somehow they all mattered!   a journey indeed ~ it’s been for […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteIn an evocative verse, Aishwarya talks of the illusions of life vis-à-vis the harsh realities, in Different Truths. all that I believed in was but a dream a carnival a fanfare or so it seemed I wanted to capture all that was in my vision I thought I could but ‘t was my illusion the […]

Worlds Apart…

Reading Time: 1 minuteThere are the tussle and turmoil between the mundane and the noble worlds, in Aishwarya’s verse, in Different Truths. En route this journey of life… through the concrete jungle, lands, mountains, rivers n’ terrains, through the sunrise, sunset n’ twilight, in situations favourable n’ unfavourable, trying to meet the daily needs, while fighting against the […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteAishwarya talks of hope in times of despair in this verse, in Different Truths. anarchic is the world – in which we live in today where money has become the master and, we have become its bonded slaves where hurts of our past have made their homes in our heart where fears of uncertain tepid […]

The Path of Life Connects to me

Reading Time: 2 minutesHere’s a poem about life. Aishwarya travels within and without, in this verse, in Different Truths. Strange is life, stranger is its ways,  filled as much with mystery as much as a thrill,  when the shores are silent, the waves leave the bay,  like moments that seem as much alive as much as still. The […]