An Art Exhibition Called From Creative Destruction to Destructive Creation!

Reading Time: 3 minutesAshish reviews an art exhibition currently on in New Delhi, till the end of this month, exclusively for Different Truths. Let’s talk about art. The question then comes how we should talk about art. A philosopher of Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai, Ravindran, used to give an example to his student while talking about how to […]


Bapu will Always Stand Tall

Reading Time: 3 minutesBorderless Gandhi, established in 2014, by Nilesh and Lele Makwana, is their expression of gratitude and appreciation to their adopted city of Perth. They hope to plant the seeds of harmony and peaceful co-existence within different faiths and communities. This exhibition was their attempt to endorse the values and legacy of the Mahatma through Sogani’s imaginative expression of Gandhiji’s […]