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Dear Friends,

Let us introduce Different Truths (DT), a webzine, that isn’t another me-too. The debate on Truth is unending. Some say the scriptures are the ‘Final Word’, others disagree. Whose truth are we talking about? Is the powers that be, the last word of the high priest(ess)?

Time and again, all revolutionaries challenged the accepted norms, the hegemony of power structures. If they hadn’t dared, if they hadn’t risked, the engine of social change might have been silenced thousands of years back.

We carry forward the legacy of those who had the spunk and courage to stand up and ask, ‘why?’

Every discourse has a counter-discourse (read rebels). It the voice of the , the vast majority, that is muffled by the socio-politico and socio-economic power structures.

At Different Truths, we intend to speak about issues that are kept in wraps. We wish to unravel the truth, no matter how unsavory or bitter. We wish to challenge the taboos. We wish to be heard over the din and noise of the traditional media, most of which, we all know, has collapsed under ugly money-power. When journalists are fair, the houses are not. All media houses have their ‘Holy Cows’, areas that cannot be ever touched.

Join us in unraveling the harsh truth. We know that there isn’t one truth. There are many. This is the Weltanschauung of the 21st Century. Every voice, no matter how small or meek, has to be heard.

You may write on any topics: , Business, Sports, Gender Issue, History, Dissent, Travel & Get-away, Religion & (Fairs & Festivals, Art, Music, Dance, Theater, , etc), People & Food,  (including Q & A with doctors), Relationships (Agony Aunt to answer questions), Lifestyle, Technology & Cyber Crime, Education & Career, Interviews, Reviews (Books, Music, Theater, ). Our special feature will be Chaupal, a space for Creative people: litterateurs, artists, photographers, performing artistes, et al.

In case, we have missed something, tell us. We will include it. Remember to mention the Section (like Politics, Technology, Cyber Crime, etc) with your contribution. Please send us a write up in approx 750 words (between 500 and 1000 words). The word limits for Special Features is 2500 words. You may include photographs (with captions), illustrations, tables, etc.

We invite photographers, artists and litterateurs to contribute as well. We also have an Opinion section. Feel free to ramble on issues that you feel we must talk about.

Send in your contributions to different.truths2015@gmail.com.

Friends, let our voices be heard. Different Truths is our space, our aspirations, our dreams, our identities.

Be Free. Be Fearless!


Anumita Chatterjee Roy           Arindam Roy

Managing Editor                   Editorial Director