Eight Poems of Duska Vrhovac

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It’s a matter of great honour for (DT) that one of the most important poets of Serbia, Duska Vrhovac, is being featured here, regularly, for eight days.

Between May 25 and June 1, 2016, we will publish one poem of Duska, every day.

Watch this space.

Poet’s Intro:

Duška Vrhovac, poet, , journalist and translator, born 1947, in Banja Luka, ex-Yugoslavia. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Belgrade University. She has published 20 books of poetry, many of which have been translated, in part or in full, into more than 20 . She is considered one of the most important contemporary poets from Serbia. She has received important awards for poetry and the gold medal for the “generosity, dedication, perseverance and creative contributions that are made to spread the of the nationalities of the Republic of Serbia”.

Duska is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia (Vice President of the Board for International ), and she is to Serbia by Poets of the World (Movimiento Poetas del Mundo) and the current vice president for Europe.