Different Truths: Media Partner of Youth Fest Avirbhav 2k16

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Different Truths (DT) is a little over four months .

Young at heart, the webzine is the media partner of Avirbhav 2k16.

This is what its coordinator, Arya Akhil, posted in the Fest’s FB Page:

Hello people,

This post introduces to you a webzine named-‘ Different Truths’ who are also our online media partners for Avirbhav’16.

Here you can express yourself, share your ideas, discuss social issues and debate on topics you find relavant.
So go ahead all the future authors and activists and introduce yourself to the world through your words.
All you got to do is create an author’s account on their webzine by mailing them a 75-word bio of yourself (in third person) and a photograph and you are all set to write. Follow the links given below :

Facebook account link : https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010076893250&fref=ts&_rdr

Official website : http://differenttruths.com

Mail ID : different.truths2015@gmail.com

Different Truths News Service

Different Truths News Service

stands for our stingers and reporters spread out in select cities, all over the world. The webzine, Different Truths, is fully responsible for the accuracy of the reports published under the byline.In all other reports, which bear the names of the authors/contributors/columnists, the views expressed are those of that particular author whose byline is mentioned in the /feature/column.
Different Truths News Service