Break Silence, Give Voice to Bonded Labourers & Human Right Violations

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We, at , are taking up the cause of millions of people in India and world over. These hapless people bear untold miseries in . Caught in debt traps, they become bonded labourers, where the man, his wife, and children, lead a life of penury in abject servitude. They face Human Rights violation, round the clock, endlessly. They are slaves in the 21 st century.

DT thanks, Ampat V. Koshy and his vibrant group of poets at The Significant League (TSL). DT & TSL present a of 60 poems, by as many poets, from around the world, in protest against Bonded Labour.

DT extends its thanks to Lenin Raghuvanshi, a committed Human Rights activist and his PVCHR for thematic stories on the subject.

DT also thanks, Madhumita Ghosh, a wonderful storyteller. Her heart-wrenching story, Actress, was the forerunner to the special package on Bonded Labour and Human Rights violation.

We will continue to publish one story every day, beginning April 30, till May 7, on this theme.

Join us in raising the decibel against those who exploit fellow beings for their selfish needs. They are criminals.

Let’s celebrate May Day and help such people unite!

Please write, share and comment. Let our be heard far and wide.

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DT Team

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