NABARD Financial Inclusion Survey Hides more than it Reveals

The NABARD survey estimates the total number of rural households in India for 2016-17 at 21.17 crore. The definition of “rural” is a broad one, covering revenue villages and semi-urban centres with a population of less than 50,000. Out of the 21.17 crore rural households, 10.07 crore, or under 48 per cent, are “agricultural” — […]

Mamata Government Adopts Brazen Anti-Worker Stand

If one visits the official site of Tea Board, one can see that tea prices are going up, exports are on the rise and profits of tea companies are booming in recent years. On the other hand, one hears of starvation deaths among tea garden workers and their Dickensian working conditions.  Activist Dr. Binayak Sen […]

Promotion of Walmart by UP Government is Anti-Peasant, Unpatriotic

The UP government’s invitation to the MNCs along with Adani’s, Reliance, Patanjali, domestic allies and props of foreign exploiters will ruin peasants and rural India. Their claim of 81 projects worth Rs. 61,000 crores will generate 2.12 lakh jobs is a hoax, as acquisition of land for these projects will uproot hundreds of villagers and […]

In India Per Capita Milk Consumption is Still below Many Countries

There is no dearth of government projects and schemes to improve the dairy sector infrastructure. However, what appears to be missing is a political will to assure small and marginal milk producers, who are contributing the most to the country’s milk production, of some guaranteed procurement price that the dairy farms will have pay.  Marginal […]

Agriculture Policies in India Need Urgent Modification

Diversification of agriculture has lately necessitated and largely driven by evolving demographics, urbanisation, and changing demand patterns in the country, rather than effected by policy initiatives of the government. It is more likely to create distortions in the production of staple food – such as rice and wheat – a shortfall of which may create […]

MSP Hike May Prove to be Meaningless

Amid farmers’ unrest in many parts of the country, the demand for an increase in MSP has been voiced regularly. The manner in which the MSP is used makes it clear that it is no more an instrument to improve the financial condition of farmers, but to boost the image of the ruling party. A […]

A rise in Domestic Demand will Keep India Busy with Food Security

It has been reported in the Agricultural Outlook 2018-2027, prepared jointly by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. It says that much of the additional food demand will originate from India, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East due to high population […]

BJP Ministers Insensitive to Plight of Farmers

During last four years of Modi government rule, in spite of long sustainable movement, the government continues to be unmoved. Thousands of subsistence level farmers and peasants committed suicide, but these deaths did not have any impact on the government. A report, for Different Truths. Like his illustrious leader, Union agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh […]

Only Big Farmers Benefit from Write-Offs

Last year, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Punjab undertook large-scale farm debt waivers, costing half a percent of the entire GDP of India, and Andhra Pradesh recently announced a loan waiver costing ₹ 24,000 crores. However, our study, as well as other academic literature, finds that a loan waiver scheme costs about as much as it […]